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In collaboration with Sveums funeral homes, we assist with funerals in Skedsmo, Fet, Gjerdrum, Lørenskog, Nittedal, Rælingen, Sørum, Enebakk and Ullensaker.

Feel free to come by for a chat and a cup of coffee.

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  • About the agency

    We have large and bright premises with plenty of space to receive survivors for a meetings with us. We have several meeting rooms and a large exhibition of gravestones, grave candles and lanterns. Our wreath bindery is also located on the premises.

    Our emergency phone is manned around the clock, also on weekends and public holidays. You can call us at any time if you need immediate help or to make a prior appointment for a meeting. We have our own pick-up service in the event of death, which is on standby around the clock.

  • Location and parking

    You will find us at street level in Borggården (at the intersection between Adolph Tidemands gate and Voldgata) Adolph Tidemands gate 12, right in the center of Lillestrøm.

    There is paid parking just outside the building (in Voldgata), alternatively you can use the Byhaven car park in Voldgata.

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  • Collaboration partners

    Own grief binder

    Jølstad gravestones

    Isaksens flowers


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