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At our office at Grefsen we assist beraved with funerals throughout Stor-Oslo. Our administration are also located here.

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Inngang til kontorene våre på Grefsen
  • About the agency

    The agency was established in 1956 in Kapellveien in Grefsen. As more people chose to use the agency, it needed more space and in 1969 it moved its headquarters to its current location in Grefsenveien 70. The Jølstad administration is also located at our Grefsen office.

    Our on-call phone is staffed 24/7, including weekends and holidays. This means you can call us anytime you need immediate help or to make a prior appointment for a conversation. At Jølstad Grefsen, we have our own funeral transportation service, which is on standby 24/7.

  • Location and parking

    We are located in a beautiful brick building in Grefsenveien. There is parking available on the top of the building.

    If arrive by public transportation, there is a tram stop right opposite. It's also a short distance down to Storo, which is a hub for public transportation in Oslo.

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    Jølstad gravestone

    If you need help with cleaning, moving, painting and so on in connection with a death, get in touch with Jesting eiendomsservice. Find more info here: Jesting Eiendomsservice AS | Bistand ved dødsfall eller sosialt forfall

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