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Sarpsborg funeral home was established in 1907, and is the oldest locally owned funeral home for Sarpsborg and the surrounding area. Benjamin Nordling is the owner of the agency.

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  • About the agency

    A funeral home with history

    We have talented employees that we are proud of. Many people also know us as the former Tune and Skjeberg funeral home and Borgersen & Grandal. Since 1980, we have been based in our current premises in the center of Sarpsborg. We offer parking for the beraved on our property.

    We have chosen to be a part of Jølstad, which is our seal of quality for maintaining a high professional level in practical terms, but also on a human level. We must be good supervisors.

    24-hour emergency phone and pick-up service

    We mainly serve Sarpsborg, Tune, Skjeberg, Hafslund, Varteig, Borge, Fredrikstad, Halden, Råde and Rygge, but are helpful all over Østfold.

    Our emergency phone is manned around the clock, also on weekends and public holidays. You can call us at any time if you need help or to make an appointment for a meeting, our pick-up service is on standby around the clock.

    Call us to make an appointment, sometimes the office is closed when we are out for a ceremony.

    Facilitation for various types of ceremonies and wishes

    At Sarpsborg funeral home, we facilitate all types of ceremonies and can guide you according to personal and financial wishes. We also have our own funeral orators if it is desirable to have an alternative arranged ceremony where you want to tailor your own arrangement. We have extensive experience in assisting with this. No one is the same, why should funerals be?

    There is a lot to decide on, but we can help with the practical.
    In addition, we have good expertise in shipping coffins both domestically and abroad. Thanks to our membership at Jølstad, we have our own dispatch department that assists us when needed.

  • Location and parking

    We have a large conversation room, good coffee and pleasant employees who assist in planning and carrying out funerals.

    Large parking space right outside the house.

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  • Collaboration partners

    We order flowers from local partners.

    Ask us for advice on memorial gatherings and catering.

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