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No one is the same, why should funerals be?

We facilitate all types of ceremonies and can guide you according to personal and financial preferences.

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Lokalene til Annes Begravelsesbyrå
  • About the agency

    Annes funeral home, established in 1942, is a family-run funeral home in Fredrikstad. Morten Stenbock Pedersen is the third generation owner of the funeral home.

    We also assist with gravestones, inscriptions, grave lanterns, candles and self-watering boxes for the graves.

    We serve Eastern and Western Fredrikstad, Borge, Torsnes, Kråkerøy, Gressvik, Onsøy, Rolvsøy, Hvaler and we can assist in the other surrounding areas.

  • Location and parking

    We are based in idyllic Gamlebyen, in the same premises that we have been in since the agency's inception.

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  • Collaboration partners

    We work with local flower shops.

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