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Funeral homes in Norway

Jølstad funeral homes have agencies all over Norway. Each year we serve approximately 5000 families with arrangements related to death and the passing of a loved one. We are specialists in our local areas and can help you make the choices that are right for you and your family.

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Slanke lilla blomster som stiger opp mellom stråene i solnedgang

About us

  • Who we are

    All the agencies are staffed by staff with good local knowledge, and great emphasis is placed on facilitating the families’ individual needs and wishes.

    We in Jølstad go to work every day to help the bereaved say goodbye. We do this by taking care of the funeral ritual. We share knowledge and provide guidance so that the bereaved get the funeral they need. Some want it completely simple and others want to arrange a ceremony completely out of the ordinary. We ensure that the choices the bereaved make – whatever their wishes and scope – are carried out with dignity and quality. We succeed when the bereaved look back on the funeral as a nice memory, where they have made choices that are right for them. Funerals are the most important ritual we have. When someone dies and needs to be buried, it is our job to look after those left behind and give them the opportunity to say goodbye. So that the continuation can be easier.

    We attach great importance to feedback from those left behind. The feedback is used as a basis for the development of services and products in our agencies.

  • History

    In 1956, Odd Borgar Jølstad started a funeral agency at Grefsen in Oslo. He had studied the industry for a long time and obtained his knowledge from it. This knowledge, combined with his sure sense of quality, style, details and systems, meant that the funeral home was quickly noticed.

    Our underlining idea has always been to help people in one of life’s most difficult phases. We want to cover the bereaved’s individual needs in connection with death. From the very beginning, we have been aware that good and participating employees are essential for meeting people in grief.

    Our agencies are either owned by Jølstad funeral home AS or they are part of Jølstad and our concept, while also owning and running their own funeral home.

    Until 2007, the business consisted exclusively of members who were wholly owned by Jølstad begravelsesbyrå AS. In 2007, the chain concept was expanded. This means that established or newly started agencies outside the chain can apply for membership, and at the same time own and run their own funeral home. This happens by entering into a chain agreement with Jølstad funeral home AS.

    Contact our administration if you are interested in a non-binding and confidential conversation about chain membership in Jølstad.

  • Social responsibility

    We at Jølstad want to take a clear social responsibility through how we act towards our stakeholders. Everything we do must be sustainable and can be divided into three main areas; economic, environmental and social aspects. Because we are leaders in our industry, we see the importance of having a healthy and open operation, being an attractive workplace, having high customer satisfaction and being innovative. Through this, we mean that our ideas and visions affect more than ourselves. We develop and manage the agencies’ human and material resources wisely and efficiently.

    Jølstad has its justification through looking after people in a very vulnerable phase of their lives. The care takes place in between protecting and helping people in the emotional chaos they may experience in the event of a death, and empowering them to make their own choices about the funeral that they can look back on as good. We do this in recognition that the funeral is society’s most important ritual. For the same reason, we aim to set the tone for our industry.

    Jølstad is Environmentally Friendly certified. If you would like to read our environmental report, you can have it sent to you by contacting post@jolstad.no and writing Environmental Report in the subject field.

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