Collection of the deceased

Collection of the deceased

We have a dedicated service for retrieval of the deceased available 24/7, all year round, in the event of a death. For deaths outside of Norway, see Repatriation or contact us for more information.

Following an agreement with the family and the bereaved, we ensure that the deceased is picked up. Some prefer immediate pickup, while others require more time with the deceased.

For special requests such as organ donation and autopsy, there are other considerations to take into account.

Here you can find information on how the pickup is carried out, depending on whether the death occurs at an institution or at home.


Picking up the deceased from a hospital or institution

In the event of a death at a hospital, the deceased is first moved to the hospital’s cooling room. Most hospitals have their own chapel connected to the cooling room, where there is an opportunity to view the deceased. We arrange for further transport at a later time.

In the event of a death at an institution or nursing home with its own cooling room, the staff ensures that the deceased is moved there. In this case, the deceased can be picked up later.

In cases where the institution does not have its own cooling room, the deceased must be picked up from the room. In consultation with the bereaved and the staff of the department, we will assist with pickup at the agreed time.

The deceased is then moved to the nearest hospital or receiving chapel. Many institutions prefer that the pickup is done in a coffin, and in these cases, a choice must be made regarding which coffin you wish for the deceased. See a presentation of our available coffins or contact us for more information.

You are allowed to accompany the deceased during the pickup and if desired, follow to the receiving chapel.


Picking up the deceased at home

In the event of a death at home, the nearest emergency medical service must be called.

The doctor will fill out the death certificate, provide practical information about what happens next, and ask you to contact a funeral home. The death certificate must be completed before the deceased can be moved.

The deceased is usually transported to the cooling room at the nearest hospital or receiving chapel. Our on-call service is open 24/7, and we can assist with this. In most cases, we pick up on a stretcher and bring the deceased to a suitable place. Some prefer immediate pickup, while others want more time for the farewell.


Deceased’s valuables and clothes

If the death occurs at home, valuables are removed and left there. The clothes the deceased is wearing usually follow the stretcher, but this is arranged with the bereaved. It is also possible to send clothes for the deceased to wear in the coffin.

In institutions like hospitals and nursing homes, valuables are removed and stored in the institution’s safe. These can be collected by the closest bereaved upon presentation of a probate certificate.

If the death occurs outside of the home or an institution, the police are often present, and valuables are then sent with the stretcher.

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