Coffins are used at both funerals and cremations, and in a ceremony the coffin is a central visual element that should help give the deceased a dignified farewell. When choosing a coffin, many people therefore want the details and design to reflect the personality or life of the deceased. There are many options when it comes to design and material, where the color of the coffin also helps to set an individual expression on the ceremony.

Choose a chest in the desired wood type and color

We supply coffins in the wood types solid pine, knotty pine, birch and cherry wood, as well as in the materials chip and wood fiber. Depending on the type of wood chosen, the coffin comes in white and black, or in untreated or matt wood. Some of our models can also be delivered in a color of your choice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wishes about this.

All our coffins are made of wood, and are made from materials and finishes that are in accordance with the current Norwegian standards that take care of environmental considerations. See Regulations for the Act on graveyards, cremation and funerals, § 29

Interior and accessories for chests

All coffins from Jølstad funeral home are furnished with a full-covering mattress at the bottom, and are delivered with a pillow, shirt and blanket in white. It is also possible to use your own clothes. The coffins are delivered without a cross, but can be ordered and fitted afterwards if desired.

We deliver coffins in special sizes

To meet individual needs, we supply a wide selection of chests that are wider or longer than the standard sizes. We also supply children’s chests in various designs and sizes.

If you have questions about coffins and design, you can contact your nearest Jølstad office. We have a wide selection in different price ranges. See a selection of the coffins we deliver below.

We also offer what you might need of services in connection with funeral planning.

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