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Following a death, it is normal for the family to attend a planning meeting with one of our representatives. Arranging a time for this meeting is often one of the first things we agree upon.

Our phone lines are staffed 24/7, also on weekends and public holidays. This means that you can call us at any time for immediate assistance, or to arrange a meeting with us.

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Planning meeting
  • What happens in the planning meeting?

    The purpose of a planning meeting is to make sure that the setting and content of the funeral will follow the bereaved wishes for the deceased. As a bereaved, you may find that there are many questions who have to be answered in connection with planning a funeral, which may feel overwhelming. Together with you, we agree on which choices has to be made before the day of the ceremony, and which formalities that can wait until after the funeral.

    During the planning meeting we prepare an overview of what needs to be done, and the bereaved make the necessary choices for, among other things, which type of ceremony, coffin or urn, flowers, obituary, venue and time for the ceremony. We will also clarify who will do what and when it will be done. If we don’t get everything clarified during the planning meeting, we will agree on and clarify the rest afterwards.

    Some questions may be familiar, while others you may not be aware that you have to decide on.

    During the conversation, we will also inform you about what our services cost, where you will receive a written price estimate of everything we agree on in the meeting. The price estimate also includes an overview of the costs that are not invoiced through us. This could be memorial gatherings, gravestones and municipal fees. You’ll also fint a complete price list for all services on each Jølstad agencies pages.

    In the conversation with us, you will also be given the Jølstad folder. This contains an overview of what we talked about during the meeting, as well as other information you as a bereaved may need.

  • Preperations for the planning meeting

    Before the actual planning meeting there are some questions that you can go through and decide on to get the most out of the meeting. You don’t need to have a clear answer to all the points below, but it can be good to think about them a bit in advance, so that you are better prepared for what you will be planning together with the funeral consultant.

    • What type of ceremony do you want for the deceased? – Religious, humanist or open-minded
    • Should the deceased be buried or cremated?
    • What should be included in the obituary if one is to have one?
    • Do you want a funeral program for the ceremony, and who should hand these out on arrival?
    • Any special music wishes – hymns, own songs that you want played, or should someone in the family or other acquaintances sing?
    • Speeches or memorial words – who wants to say a few words during the ceremony?
    • Do you want there to be displayed images using a projector, should candles be lit, flowers laid or something else special in the ceremony?
    • Should there be flowers in the ceremony, and where do you want them to be placed?
    • Should the messages written on the flowers be read out loud, and is it the bereaved or the priest/funeral speaker who should do this?
    • Who will be carrying the coffin to the grave and how should they be placed around the coffin?
    • Should it be arranged who will carry out the flowers after the ceremony?
    • Is there a desire for songs or speeches outside at the grave?
    • Should there be arranged a memorial service after the ceremony?

    We want the family and bereaved to feel taken care of during the preparations for the ceremony, and to know that everything will be carried out according to the wishes you have for the deceased. Jølstad funeral home will ensure that all the practical and formal aspects of the funeral are taken care of in the best possible way.

    To arrange a meeting with us, you can fill in the form below, or contact your desired agency.

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