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Assistance in the event of death

A great number of lives change when a loved one dies. The change is most noticeable for you and others close to the deceased. It may feel chaotic, and difficult to accept what has happened. There is still plenty left to do, many people to notify, and a funeral to plan.

Many people appreciate some help in this situation. We will facilitate your individual needs and desires. Our experience and local knowledge can help you when you are trying to make decisions during a difficult time.

Get in touch with us for further assistance.



In the event of death

Urgent assistance in the event of death

A physician will complete a death certificate (Legeerklæring om dødsfall). This will take place no sooner than two hours after death has occurred. In the event of death occurring in an institution or hospital, a physician will be notified automatically. In the event of death occurring at home, the next of kin must contact emergency services. The death certificate will need to be completed before the deceased’s body can be collected.


Collection of deceased persons

Collection of deceased persons

The collection of the deceased’s body, will be arranged together with the next of kin. Some people prefer that we do this immediately whereas others need more time.

Our phone line is open 24/7.


Funeral arrangements

Funeral arrangements

Burials should be performed with respect for the religion and beliefs of the deceased. Funerals normally take place within ten working days after the time of death.


Planning / preparing

The planning meeting

Following a death, it is normal for the family to attend a planning meeting with one of our representatives. Arranging a time for this meeting is often one of the first things we agree upon.

Our phone lines are staffed 24/7, including weekends and holidays. This means that you can contact us at any time for immediate assistance, or to arrange a meeting.



Coffin transport

We will arrange the transportation of the coffin. Where the deceased will be transported to depends on where the death occurred, where the ceremony will take place, and whether it is a burial or a cremation. We can also assist in transporting the coffin over greater distances, both nationally and internationally.




The ceremony usually takes place within 1-2 weeks of the death.
The next of kin will decide where the ceremony will be held and how it will be implemented. The ceremony often takes place in a church or chapel, but there are also other options available.


Paperwork and forms

Paperwork and forms

Several public offices must be notified in the event of a death, and we will ensure that this is done according to local requirements. During your meeting with us, you will receive accurate information about the agencies you will have to notify yourself.