Memorial pages

Memorial pages

A digital memorial page

We create memorial pages for all funerals. Here you will find the obituary, time and place of the ceremony, and any memorial service. There is often also a map detailing the locations of the ceremony and the memorial service.

On the memorial page, you can also send a final greeting with condolences, light a candle, or give a gift to the desired cause.

Our memorial pages


A place to remember together

When a person passes away, many people wish to express their thoughts and feelings beyond the traditional condolences. Some have not had the opportunity to attend the funeral, while others have something on their hearts that they have not been able to convey.

Therefore, we now offer to create a separate online memorial book of rememberance – a website that can be easily managed by the bereaved, and where anyone who wishes can share their thoughts, greetings, and pictures.

Being able to share such personal memories can be of great value in a difficult period and provide an opportunity to process grief collectively.


Sharing of small and big memories

What is written about on the memorial pages? This will of course vary from person to person, but it doesn’t have to be about major events. In retrospect, the small and close experiences can appear just as important.

Memories of conversations, travels, nature experiences, and funny episodes can be good to share. Often such memories emerge around holidays and anniversaries.


Creating and using a memorial page

The memorial page can be made known in the obituary, on Facebook, in an email to your friends, or in the program created for the funeral. This can be arranged in the planning meeting we have together before the funeral.

The online memorial page is a free service for our customers. One can choose to close the memorial page after a period, or keep it open as a permanent memory.


Information about the ceremony

Here we insert information about the ceremony location, address, and map.

If there is to be a memorial service or gathering, it can also be added here in the same way. The information can be printed out.

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