The funeral program gives an overview of the content of the ceremony. We offer various motifs and designs for the program booklet. It is also possible to use personal photos.

The images can either be used alone or in combination with one of the motifs. There are many possibilities here.

Create your own program booklet

After the content of the ceremony has been set, it is natural to set up a program (song book). The layout may vary in relation to the type of ceremony, but gives an overview of how the ceremony will unfold. There are different themes, colours, paper formats and layouts.

The front of the program booklet has a theme, where there is an opportunity to insert a picture of the deceased or another suitable motif. We have experience in setting up scripts and editing in the elements that the bereaved want. Our agencies have sample books that show the various options. It is possible to create the program yourself.

We can also be helpful in printing thank you cards. There are several options here, and we can help you find the best solution.

You can see suggestions for program themes below.

We also offer what you might need of services in connection with funeral planning.

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