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Ordering flowers for funerals and ceremonies or homes for the bereaved

We have a wide selection of flowers for funerals, and can deliver both to the venue where the ceremony will take place and to the home of the bereaved. See our selection of flowers and pall bouquets below, or browse our flower brochure (8,2MB, PDF) for inspiration for different expressions and moods that help to set a personal mark.

Here it is possible to create an atmosphere that can reflect some of the deceased’s interests. We also have a number of suggestions for text to put on funeral bows and ribbons, in Norwegian (PDF). These can be read aloud by a priest or eulogist during the ceremony.

Our online flower shop is combined on one page with memorial pages and obituaries.

To order, search for the deceased’s name and click on the flower icon. The flowers are automatically sent to the correct ceremony location or to the home of the bereaved without you having to remember the time or place of the ceremony.

There are many advantages to ordering flowers and wreaths through a funeral home

  • Skillful flower decorators with wreath binding as a special field
  • A combined order gives an overall impression when decorating the ceremony room
  • Possible to choose “in the colors of the ceremony” if you want an overall impression
  • A good selection of wreaths, hearts, pall bouquets and flower bouquets
  • The agency’s employees ensure delivery on time and in line with the order
  • Knowledge of the order enables us to ensure a central placement of the flowers
  • High quality at competitive prices
  • No invoicing fee or shipping surcharge
  • Bow ribbon and card are included in the price

In some places, where we are not represented, a shipping surcharge may still apply. In those cases, the flower bouquet is adapted to the total amount including shipping.

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