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Gravferdshjelpen AS, now Dahls funeral homes, is centrally located in Minde and assists with burials throughout Bergen and the surrounding area.

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Inngangen til kontorene og møtelokalet vårt i Kanalveien, Bergeni
  • About the agency

    The agency was established by Ragnhild Thorsheim Kristing in 1991 and was later incorporated into Gravferdsgruppen.

    In 2020, Gravferdsgruppen was taken over by Dahls funeral homes, which is a part of Jølstad funeral homes.

  • Location

    We are located on the 1st floor in the B-entrance, which is the entrance to Fjøsangerveien. We are on the left when you exit the lift, or on the right if you enter the main entrance.

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