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Drammen funeral home was established way back in 1871 and since 1997 has been part of Jølstad funeral homes. We serve the nearby areas of Drammen, Lier, Øvre and Nedre Eiker, Hof, Hurum, Modum, Røyken, Sande and Svelvik.

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Utsiden av kontorene til Jølstad begravelsesbyrå i Bragernes, Haugesgate, Drammen
  • About the agency

    Welcome to our bright, attractive premises with meeting rooms, coffin exhibition and stone exhibition.

    Drammen funeral home was established way back in 1871 and is one of the country's oldest agencies. For two generations, the agency was run by the Skinnemoen family. Centrum funeral home was incorporated into the business in 1999 and in 1997 the agency became part of Jølstad funeral homes.

    The former Floberg funeral home also works from this office. Floberg funeral home was established in 1999 and became part of Jølstad in 2008.

    Our emergency phone is manned around the clock, also on weekends and public holidays. This means that you can call us at any time if you need immediate help or to make a prior appointment for a meeting. We have our own pick-up service in the event of death, which is on standby around the clock.

  • Location and parking

    Our venue is not far from Bragernes cemetery. You can find parking behind our building. Parking cards can be collected from us for free parking.

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  • Collaboration partners

    Gravestones are delivered by Stein1 og Jølstad gravestones.

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