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We mainly serve the areas of Fredrikstad, Onsøy, Rolvsøy, Borge, Kråkerøy, Hvaler, Råde and Rygge.

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  • About the agency

    We are a locally owned, family-run funeral home in Fredrikstad.

    24-hour manned emergency phone and own pick-up service

    Our emergency phone for information, appointments, and pick-up service is manned 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays. You can call us anytime you need help or to make an appointment for a meeting. Our pick-up service is on standby 24 hours a day.

    It may happen that we need to close the office, so call for an appointment.

    We are located in Farmannsgate 10 in the heart of Fredrikstad, and we have been in this area for many decades. We recommend parking in the parking garage under St. Hansfjellet, which is located right next to our office. We also offer home visits if desired.

    We primarily serve Fredrikstad, Onsøy, Rolvsøy, Borge, Kråkerøy, Hvaler, Råde and Rygge.

    Accommodating all types of ceremonies and desires

    We accommodate all types of ceremonies and have our own funeral speakers if an alternative ceremony is desired. There is a lot to consider, but we can help with the practicalities. We advise based on personal and financial desires.

    In addition, we have expertise in shipping caskets both domestically and abroad. Thanks to our membership in the chain, we have a separate shipping department that assists us if needed. We also assist with gravestones, inscriptions, candles and self-watering boxes for gravesites.

    No people are alike, so why should funerals be?

    Education for confirmation and schools

    If education is desired, we also assist with this. The owner of the funeral home, Benjamin Nordling, has a background as a care worker and assists with education at universities, high schools, and confirmation education. Contact us for information.

  • Location and parking

    Small, cozy premises.

    Parking available on the street.

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