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We serve the areas of Hurum, Røyken, Drammen, Asker and Bærum.

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Røyken og Hurum avd. Spikkestad kontor fasade
  • About the agency

    We are happy to help with ordering flowers for a funeral or answer any other questions you may have in connection with a funeral.

    Our emergency phone is manned around the clock, also on weekends and public holidays. This means that you can call us at any time if you need immediate help or to make an appointment for a meeting. We have our own pick-up service in the event of death, which is on standby around the clock.

    We serve Hurum, Røyken, Drammen, Asker and Bærum.

  • Location and parking

    We are located in bright, nice premises on the opposite side of the road from Røyken train station and Røyken church. We also have a large exhibition of gravestones at our premises. There are parking possibilities along the building or at the train station.

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