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Jølstad’s department at Smestad assist beraved with funerals throughout Stor-­Oslo.

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Smestad kontor fasade
  • About the agency

    Our emergency phone is staffed 24/7, including weekends and holidays, so you can always call us for immediate assistance or to schedule a meeting in advance. We have a 24/7 response team for deaths that can be summoned at any time.

    The Jølstad Smestad branch assists bereaved families with funerals throughout Stor-Oslo.

  • Location and parking

    Jølstad's department at Smestad have been located in their premises since 1990 and are located in the middle of Smestad intersection on the same side as Holmenkollen.

    Parking is available right outside the building.

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  • Collaboration partners

    We order flowers from Blomsterpikene

    We collaborat with Jølstad gravestone

    If you need help with cleaning, moving, painting and so on in connection with a death, get in touch with Jesting eiendomsservice. Find more info here: Jesting Eiendomsservice AS | Bistand ved dødsfall eller sosialt forfall

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