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We serve the areas Nordre Follo, Enebakk, Frogn, Askim, Hobøl, Nesodden, Spydeberg, Vestby and Ås.

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Lokalene til Jølstad avdeling Ski
  • About the agency

    The agency's history goes all the way back to 1928 when Christian Stensrud started a funeral agency in Ski. In addition to the funeral home, he also had a coffin factory for many years. The family business was later taken over by the Skuterud family. The agency became part of Jølstad in 1987.

    Our emergency phone is manned around the clock, also on weekends and public holidays. This means that you can call us at any time if you need immediate help or to make an appointment for a meeting. We have our own pick-up service in the event of death, which is on standby around the clock.

  • Location and parking

    Our office has several meeting rooms, stone exhibition and coffin exhibition, as well as a ceremony room.

    There are good parking conditions in front and behind the building.

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  • Collaboration partners

    Flower suppliers:

    Ski flowers: Oppegård church, Kolbotn chapel / church, Sofiemyr and Greverud churches. The churches at Nesodden and Oslo.

    Ski flower shop: Siggerud church, Ski medieval church / Ski nye church, Kråkstad church, Mari and Enebakk churches.

    Ås flower shop: Ås church, Ås work church, Nordby church, Frogn and Drøbak church, Vestby/Såner/Hvitsten churches, as well as the churches at Nesodden.

    Flor flowers/Interflora Lines flowers deliver in Askim

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