Many people think it is natural to have a grave to go to on anniversaries and during the holidays. It can be important for the next generation to preserve the memory of the previous generation.

Some want to create a new burial site, others want to use a family burial site. We can help select a gravestone, or apply a new name to an existing one. With us, you can also get help refurbishing existing gravestones.

Tombstones and grave monuments

A headstone can be made of stone, wood, iron or glass. There are several types that take care of different traditions and cultures, which can also be adapted to your wishes.

Several of our agencies use Jølstad gravstein. Here you can see various models, as well as ornaments and lanterns. They also have a development tool on the site that you can use to design your own stone.

We remind you that local funeral authorities can set different requirements for headstones. When it is set in place, we take a photo and send it to you as confirmation that the stone is in place.

We also have an exhibition of tombstones in several of our offices and can send a brochure with a price list in the post. If you want something else, we can also help you with that.

If you have chosen a model from another supplier, you can order through one of our agencies. We are not an expensive intermediary, and guarantee the quality and follow-up in relation to the subcontractor. For geographical and practical reasons, the agencies in the chain have different suppliers.

Waiting sign – grave marking

In the time from the burial until the stone is set up, many people will need the grave marked. We can offer grave crosses and waiting signs in different designs.

Cemetery registration

Cemetery registration has been an official area of ​​focus in DIS-Norge (Data processing in genealogy) since April 2004 The purpose of the burial place registration is to make it easier for genealogists to find out where named persons are buried, and to find the date of birth and death of deceased relatives (e.g. single and childless) when oral sources or recent church records are not available.

We also offer what you might need of services in connection with funeral planning.

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