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Losing a loved one while on vacation or living abroad can add extra stress and confusion to an already difficult situation. Knowing who to contact first and how to get your loved home can be a daunting task. Our team of funeral directors and repatriation experts, have many years’ experience with assisting families that find themselves in this difficult situation. We have an extensive network of funeral homes domestically and abroad that we can rely on, as well as longstanding relationships with various transportation companies with expertise in this area. We work closely with insurance companies and international repatriation specialists, and are familiar with both local and foreign requirements and laws.

Our repatriation team is fluent in a number of languages as we work closely with foreign embassies and consulates. You can be certain that by putting your trust in us, we will coordinate and carry out our efforts in a professional and dignified manner.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help.

Our employees

Andrew Havnen, gravferdskonsulent hos Jølstad

Andrew Havnen

Operations Manager


+47 22 79 77 45

Terje Sveum

Case Coordinator


+47 22 79 77 45

Jarle Skjennum er byrådsleder ved Jølstad, avdeling Grefsen

Jarle Skjennum

Case Coordinator


+47 22 79 77 45

Visiting address

Grefsenveien 70

0487 Oslo

Postal address

Grefsenveien 70

P.O. Box 74

N-0409 Oslo

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

You can reach us outside of office hours, on our 24hr. phone line.

Quality guarantee repatriation

Quality guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive professional help of the highest quality. We commit and dedicate ourselves to serve your needs in a difficult situation. All the small details concerning that has be taken care of, we will help and provide our best service.

24h service

You can reach us on 22 79 77 45 or send us an e-mail – repatriation@jolstad.no 24/7. Our employers are language proficient and specialist in shipments of coffins and urns outside of Norway. All year we service many families with shipments nationally and internationally, therefore our knowledge and experience is always on point and up to date.


Our database contains a large collection of destinations and countries. This gives us great knowledge to answer questions which concerns document requirements and shipping fees to different countries worldwide.

Price information

Based on our database and knowledge, we easily give you an offer on our repatriation service based on your needs. You can find our Repatriation pricelist here.

International network

Jølstad has a large international network and partnerships with other agencies worldwide. No matter where you are in the world, we can provide help to families in need of a repatriation.

Shipping care

Our employers are trained in shipping care when a repatriation case occurs. We offer the best service possible, so the viewing of the corpse will be in a best way possible – also after the shipping has taken place.

Usually we take pictues of the corpse, which makes it easier for the funeral agency to inform relatives about the possibility of a viewing.


If nothing else is appointed, the deceased will be wrapped in a foil if the transportation method will be done through an airplane. Being wrapped in a foil through ai transport is environmentally friendly way due to its low weight compared to transporting it through a coffin. Due to the lower weight, the cost of air transport will also be at a lower cost. The foil is airtight and approved for air transportation. When it has arrived at it’s final destination, the foil can easily be opened with a scissor and further on be thrown with other infectious waste. The foil is organically degradable og is approved for cremation, the only thing that must be done, is to remove it before the funeral. In the end, we will issue final certificate.

Sealing of coffin

With air transportation the coffin will be sealed with a cover and custom straps and tied up to the conveyors. If the coffin is transported by train, it will be sealed with custom made cover made for trains which will protect the coffin during the whole trip.


Embalming is often compulsory abroad. Our employees who performs embalming are certified and educated in Ireland. Our education is certified through The European Association of Embalming (EAE). With our knowledge, we can also perform an embalming after autopsy. We guarantee that our embalming process is of the best quality, so the experience of viewing the corpse will be at the best way poosible upon arrival. Issue of certificate of embalming will also be included and made by us.


We offer employees 20% off when purchasing Jølstads products and 10% on Jølstads services to other funeral agencies who are members of Virke graverd. Discount will be deducted in a seperate bill, which you will need deduct from the main bill upon payment.


Jølstad follows the rules and laws of Private Policy data. Find you privacy policy here.

What happens if the quality isn’t good enough?

If the quality of our service is considered as not good enough, we will do everything to deliver to expectation. At times the best way to compensate quality is economically. If the reason to quality is unclear, we will always give our customer the benefit of the doubt. All mistakes will be registered and have a follow-up.


Repatriation - instruction movie

What to do: Step-By-Step Guide

1. Call the police or contact local authorities

Call the police in the country you are visiting or contact local authorites. The local authorities will further on contact Norwegian authorities to inform about the bereavement. When these occations occurs, the local authorities together with Norwegian authorities have established official communication routines. Further proceedings with documentation and registration of the bereavement will therefore proceed automatically.

2. Contact your insurance company

The insurance company of the deceased will establish contact with a local funeral agency with all practical information and manage the preferred transportation of the bereaved.

3. Call the embassy

Call the local embassy or consulate (alternatively –  call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway, if the country the bereaved are in does not have sufficient representation). A last option, ask for assistance from a funeral agency in Norway.

4. Involve a funeral agency

Talk with your preferred funeral agency about getting help and how to proceed a repatriation.

5. Transportation and coverage

Foreign services does not cover any expense when a Norwegian citizen dies abroad.

6. Funeral on the location 

If the deceased do not have next of kin, the funeral will be done at the location of the death. Local authorities will pay the cost and performed through their laws and practices.

7. Other questions

If there are questions about heritage and change, please contact foreign stations or local authorities who will further on contact departments involved.

Other information

  • If the case of death occurs in one of the Nordic countries or in the United Kingdom, NAV will cover the cost of transportation of the deceased. The insurance company or your preferred  funeral agency will support and provide all practical assistance during transportation.
  • Norwegians citizens who are resident abroad must obtain and follow local rules and practices in their respective countries. Therefore the cost of transportation to Norway must be covered by the bereaved.