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Life and how we go about our day can change drastically in the event of death. During this time there are also a lot of questions that are difficult to answer. We are therefore ready to help you through the whole process with everything from planning, consultation and coffin transport both domestically and internationally.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What can you help me with?

    With us, you will get answers to your questions in connection with a funeral. If you are one of the bereaved and have to plan and carry out a funeral, if you want to plan your own funeral , or if you are just curious, you can contact us directly or find information at one of our offices.

    On our memorial pages you can find information about deaths, order flowers for a ceremony or homes for the bereaved, and you can light a candle or write a greeting on a memorial page.

    Assistance in the event of death

  • How do I order flowers?

    Flowers for funerals can be ordered through our memorial pages. We have a wide selection of flowers for funerals, and can deliver both to the venue where the ceremony will take place and to the home of the bereaved.

    See our selection of flowers and pall bouquets below.

    Our selection of flowers

  • What do you do when someone dies?

    When someone dies, it is common to get a death certificate before contacting a funeral home. A funeral or cremation must take place within 10 working days of a death. Here we can be helpful.

    We are available around the clock, and can help you quickly. Contact us.

  • How much does a funeral cost?

    You decide how extensive a funeral should be. No funeral needs to cost more than you can afford. Prices vary based on the area. Select the nearest funeral home to the ceremony location to see examples of what a funeral can cost.

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