Burial candles and grave lanterns

Decorating the graves with flowers and candles to remember the dead is a nice tradition. A grave candle creates a peaceful atmosphere and can be lit at any time, for example on the deceased’s birthday, date of death or other anniversaries. Many also light candles on the grave on All Saints’ Day, Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday.

Stylish grave candles and decorative grave lanterns

There are several types of grave candles to choose from. We offer lanterns that can be placed on the grave or mounted on the headstone. A grave lantern is decorative and will protect the light from weather and wind.

If you have questions about grave lanterns and lights, you can contact your nearest Jølstad office. Grave candles and grave lanterns are sold at selected offices. We do not ship. See the selection of lights and lanterns below.

We also offer the what you need of services in connection with funeral planning.

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